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Connect your Nios4 management system to Mailchimp: automate emails sending

Automate the sending of contacts between your management system and Mailchimp We present you the component created by the Nios4 programming team to allow the company management system to dialogue with the program for sending newsletter in Mailchimp. The program is called Integration with Mailchimp and as the name implies it is a program that is used to make your Nios4 Management System communicate with Mailchimp thanks to the automatisms that, initially set, allow the Integration with Mailchimp program to send email addresses and to classify them based on the tags we have chosen. The integration is available for all programs developed with the Nios4 data management platform : PocketSell, ReportOne, D-TEC, Wipee and all the available templates. The benefits of importing contacts from Nios4 management systems to Mailchimp Automate  sending of email contacts divided by category Avoid manual import of users between your management system and Mailchimp Don't forget any contacts in the