The benefits of Nios4 ticketing system in managing the customer

ticketing system Nios4

Offer the customer a simple and immediate tool to report that he has a problem!

Ticketing is the tool with which to manage technical assistance and maintenance both via app and completely integrated in the web version of the program for filling work reports. The indispensable tool for managing customer requests from various channels such as email, telephone, whatsapp and group it under a single customer sheet to keep track of them.
We are developing the ticketing system that can be integrated with all Nios4 management systems, currently in beta version, the release is expected shortly, we will not fail to inform you as soon as it comes out.

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How to track and monitor customer management through the ticketing Nios4

Have you ever thought of managing customers and their requests with a ticketing system that acts as a bridge between customers and technicians engaged in the field.

The management of requests for assistance by the customer is an element that creates confusion and inefficiency and, the same requests are processed with email, sms and whatsapp in a chaotic manner by the secretary in the office.

If you are already using Nios4 management systems to manage the work of technicians on the move, why not also start taking advantage of our Ticketing program aimed at customer management.

You have not yet found the customizable solution for you

With our ticket management you will give a service to the customer who can enter his request for assistance with his data, to trace the entire flow related to taking charge of the customer from the beginning to the resolution of the assistance.

... How Nios4 can help you

The Nios4 ticketing system allows you to manage each ticket in a completely individual way:

1. identify the customer

2. the assistance requested

3. work's priority

4. the operator who takes charge of it

5. the resolution of the problem

6. the historicity of the ticket

The system that simplifies the life of the company, employees and customers, especially when your company grows and customer support increases, making it difficult to manage.

Avoid wasting time ...

The technicians working in the field through D-TEC, enter the technical intervention, the status of the work and thanks to the ticketing within a webportal, the customer can see the progress of the work without contacting by phone or by email with the technician.

Avoid distractions during customer maintenance...

You are a freelancer and you work alone, you do not have the time to directly manage customers especially if they call while you are doing maintenance at a customer. In this case, either you do not reply immediately or you reply but you are unable to write down the problem / the customer / his contact details.

In the meantime, you have lost time during assistance and risk not getting the job done on schedule. Don't worry, we have the right solution for you who use ReportOne and would like to choose customer management that avoids wasting time and distractions.

Your customer will be satisfied with the management of his requests and will independently verify the progress of the work thanks to ticketing system of the Nios4 platform.



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