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Restyling of D-One Nios4 Store

  Nios4 Store is all new! With the official presentation of the Nios4 management line , we reorganized and “ rejuvenated ” our purchasing management website , reachable at In addition to managing purchases , by signing in to your account, you can manage your privacy policy, see the orders made and have the complete handling of your cloud databases , in full compliance with the GDPR . You can also completely download your database , in order to have an Excel copy to upload into other management software, renew subscriptions or delete them permanently. One portal and one account to take advantage of all our management systems, where and when you want!

Nios4 search filters in the lists for MAC OS X

  New update for MAC OS X The last update for MAC OS X has been released and it concerns the use of the search filter bar . As on Windows and the Web , you can now search inside of all the table columns , entering part of the searched text in the interested column to find immediately your data. Thanks to this, you can quickly create reports and personalized searches in virtually every point of the program. In future versions, you will export the filtered data from the search performed in CSV or Excel format , as it is already the case for Windows .

How to use a portable thermal printer with Android

How to integrate Nios4 with portable thermal printers In this article, we will see in detail how to manage and set up a portable thermal printer to be used directly with the Android applications by Nios4 . What you need Let’s first have a look at what you need as hardware : an Android smartphone with Bluetooth 4 or higher (in this case, a Samsung Note 10) a Bluetooth-enabled battery thermal printer . Ours was bought directly on Amazon and we chose it because of its explicit compatibility with Android and its low price As for the software , in addition to one of our apps , you need another program that will be used to send the generated PDF from the program to the printer . As well as all the programs, on all operating systems, there is not any direct contact between the software and the printer, but you always pass through a driver to convert the print generated by the program into a printable format for the device. Whereas in Windows this driver is always installed with

We are getting ready for WMF 2020

  The Nios4 debut at the event dedicated to digital innovation We are glad to take part in the WMF - Web Marketing Festival , which will take place from November 19 to November 21 at PalaCongressi in Rimini . This is a great opportunity for D-One because we will have the chance to be part of the largest and most important Italian exhibition dedicated to digital innovation and web marketing . On this occasion, we will officially present our platform: Nios4! We are thrilled to finally debut our program, to which we have dedicated years of development, and make it try to the digital experts! We will show the potential of Nios4 and the brands and the technologies related to it (such as D-TEC and IoT solutions ) to leading companies in the web industry, venture capitalists, enthusiasts and specialists in the field. The new partners we will meet in this special event, including international ones, will strengthen the worldwide diffusion of our project « Made in Italy » , which is