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Official guides about Nios4

Three books to know the Nios4 system We want to provide you with all the tools you need to make the most of our platform, so we have composed three official guides about Nios4 ! The titles of our series are: Nios4. Official Guide by Davide Sbreviglieri . This guide is intended for those who want to know and deepen the various parts of the platform. The book gives you also the possibility to create your management solution in complete autonomy.  Nios4. Web API by Davide Andreoli . This book explains to you how to boost your ERP system in complete autonomy thanks to Nios4 . You will learn how to connect your e-commerce , create the mobile version of your management software, create IoT systems , use Nios4 as a data management system and much more. Nios4. First Steps by Gessica Monteforte . It is a real practice guide for those who approach the Nios4 system for the first time. Each chapter will accompany you in the creation of your tailor-made management program .  You can fin