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Attendance marking machine: the first IoT application for our office

The attendance monitoring system created with Nios4 Thanks to the synchronization of the data in Nios4 and the library realized with Python , we crafted our first real IoT application . Using one Raspberry Zero device and one RFID reader , we realized an attendance marking system for our workplace with less than 100 euros. The employees passed their ID badge and the machine sent their data directly to the D-One’s Cloud . From there, the data were available on all of our devices. This way, the administrative personnel could quickly generate the monthly reports and each employee could check the information about his worked hours . We also realized a battery version to allow its use everywhere and even without internet , because Nios4 is a system that runs also with no connection .

ReportOne: the technical assistance management app created with Nios4

A management app realized with Nios4 The ReportOne app is now available for Android ! This application is the first Nios4 spin-off and is dedicated exclusively to the management of technical interventions . Designed primarily for the foreign market, ReportOne is characterized by the simplified management of technical intervention reports and an easy and intuitive agenda of appointments . The application allows you to turn your local database to a database in Cloud for Nios4 . You can download the ReportOne application from the following link !