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How to make a time marking machine with Raspeberry and Nios4 (first part)

Let’s make the circuit of an attendance marking machine with Raspberry In this article, you will learn how to make a time marking machine by using Raspberry Zero as a hardware base and Nios4 as a system for data collection . You can also realize an outdoor attendance marking machine by using a waterproof box and including a battery . This way, it will be either independent and placeable anywhere. However, this article will explain how to make the without-battery version by powering the Raspberry using its Micro-USB port to make it easier. In the cover photo , you can see the one that we realized for the office : the device is fixed to the wall and powered directly. Components 1 Raspberry Pi Zero 1 RFID-RC522 1 IIC/I2C 20x4 LCD or IIC/I2C 20x2 LCD version Assembling Connect the RFID reader and the LCD headset to the Raspberry , as you can see in the diagram below. In the example with the battery , I used a TP4056 to charge the battery and leave the Raspberry Micro-USB p

Case Study: withholding tax for invoicing to condominiums with D-TEC

Automated and simplified invoicing to condominiums Sector: Civil and Industrial Electrical Systems Customer’s needs Mr. Stefano, the owner of an Italian Company of Electrical Systems , realized that in administration they spent a lot of time invoicing to condominiums . Many incomplete work reports and cumulative count to be made, to which also apply the 4% withholding tax to the invoice, all avoiding errors of verification and calculation. Working only in a small part with the Condominiums, he decided to reduce this management time by computerizing the compilation of reports and simplifying the issue of the invoice with withholding tax. Operational context of D-TEC Mr. Stefano looked for a program on the net for the management of technical interventions and downloaded our software D-TEC . He activated the Free Cloud version for 30 days, testing both the Desktop and Android Mobile versions on the intervention sights. He shared the data collected on the spot with his administrati

The evolution of information technology IS NOT the evolution of management software

  A reflection on the speed of changes in computing Every year, as everyone knows, computers come out more and more powerful and cheaper . The machines purchased today have power at least twice as high as the devices of one year ago. Always the same mechanisms will have half the power of those that will come out in one year and so on in time. But is this power perceived by people? Do we have an advantage in changing computers every year ? Well, of course, the answer is no, because the hardware improves every year, but not the software and neither the end-users. It takes years to write a program , for the simple reason that it is written by people anyway. People who, of course, follow human rhythms, therefore can never make the most of new computers. To do that, they would have to rewrite programs every time to use the new potentials and, of course, that’s impossible. Why should you change your management system? It takes time to handle a program : you have to learn how to use it