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The milestone of Nios4

  In March 2021 the version of Nios4 for Windows will be presented and  distributed. This version officially marks the end of the first development phase of the Nios4 project, a project born as an evolution of the previous version published in 2009.    Finally we can say that the engine and the structure are complete, and now we can start pushing on all those features and commodities that will make the user experience more and more complete and satisfying.    From this month, a series of weekly webinars will also begin, focusing on training courses on the use of the platform and Q&A sessions to collect ideas and interests directly from our users.    Below is the list of extensions and changes created in this version, which will be gradually explained through dedicated posts and courses.   The news of Sections Possibility to create filtered sections by inserting an sql element. For example, view all customers of a certain province (province = 'MO'). Possibili