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News about the software version for Windows

  Updates on the latest version of Nios4 The main change to the version is the creation of specific tools for the management , the downloading and the possible export of files and images. The following features have been added in the Options menu , which is inside the Settings tab : Download file in Sync If you enable this function, the program will automatically download the file or the image from the server during the data synchronisation . In the previous versions, the program downloaded only a preview of the images and the user had to run the downloading manually for each image. Download all the files This function forces the downloading of all the files and images from the server to the local database . You need to pay attention only to the number of the managed files: basically, the Windows version uses access databases for the archiving . As these files have the limit of 3Gbyte , you should always save your files and images in a folder , not directly in

How to change the language in Nios4: new function

How to set the language in the Nios4 latest version From the software version , you can change the language of the program on Windows . Here is how to do it, in a few easy steps! The dropdown menu for the choice of the language has been added. You can find it, clicking on the Settings tab and then in the Options menu . To change the tongue, follow these instructions: select one of the available languages, save and relaunch the program. Careful! This operation does not change the language of the database but that of the program! So by opening an existing database, its labels will always remain in the tongue of when it was created. By changing the language, you can also create a database using templates in that tongue.

Tools to change the currency

  Added a new feature for the Nios4 system We added new functions to change the currency in the database in a massive way. As always, these features are available on Windows and soon they will also arrive on other platforms. If you want to change the currency on your database from the mobile application, but you do not want to pay the Cloud, follow these steps : turn your local database in Cloud anyway, taking advantage of the free trial , make the changes you want on Windows, at the end of the free trial period, t urn the Cloud database in a local one again. Warning : this operation is possible only once ! You can find here the example in LUA script and the description of the settings command at this link . Can’t you find the commands? Contact us for the free upgrade !