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Import all your data from Excel to the management: tutorial

How to import new data in the new management systemD-One software House has been developed to best suit your work. For this reason, we have also made available a system for importing old data quickly and easily.An example? With ReportOne you can take your data on the move by uploading customers records or products, so you will be immediately ready to start filling work reports and marking the working hours.But not only! Thanks to the Cloud you can manage your data from all devices and have them at hand at all time.

Here’s how to import your data:Download the Windows version of the management software and follow these simple steps:Go to the Options MenuSelect “Data Importers”Click on “Open File” and choose your Excel file with the data to be importedSelect the table where you want to import the dataIn each column select the Field where to save the dataClick on “Import” and confirm
We remind you that, if you have already entered some customers records and you do not want to create duplica…