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Nios4 system: how it all started at D-One

  How the Nios4 project started In 2008 D-One introduced and sold the Nios3 management system . We developed the first version in 2005 , whereas the second was ready in 2007 and the fourth and last version in 2018 . Now, what certainly surprised everyone was this time skip between the first three versions. Indeed, while at the beginning we tried to develop a product every year or two, we waited 10 years to get the last version out. The answer to this question is quite simple. As all the management software in the same price range, the Nios project entered the vicious circle of being constantly reinvented to justify the cost of the annual update to its customers. If people were favourably impressed at the release of Nios1 by its few and practical functions, the users of Nios3 complained about having too many features they would never have used. We created those features because a small number of users needed them, and so we forced others to have them anyway. If this first fac

Hello, world!

  Welcome to the new blog entirely dedicated to Nios4! What is Nios4? It is a software platform for data management , i.e. a framework that allows you to create and share your management software , both in Cloud and on your local network . It is easily customizable and uploadable in a dynamic way. The Nios4 system has been developed by D-One Software House after several years of experience in the field of management software: it collects indeed the features you need for excellent managemen t of your company , but it is the ideal solution also for private use . This is possible thanks to the intuitive and easy interfaces and to the possibility of customizing , i.e. personalizing graphics and features according to the user's needs. These elements are fundamental in the age we are now living in, in which we are trying more and more to avoid the standard in favour of tailor-made solutions . it does not matter if you are a programmer or an expert in computer science to modify