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Nios4 and IoT: experiment at the workplace

Can management software and IoT be combined?
We started a new adventure towards a type of technology that it is usually never associated with management software: the Internet of Things!
Given the modularity of Nios4 and the architecture designed to be as horizontal as possible, we decided to develop the libraries in Python for the data interchange between Linux devices and our Cloud.
This way, it is possible to elaborate data collection equipment that will download its information directly into Nios4.

We completed the beta version of the libraries in Python.

To test the system, we created an

D-TEC: the management software for field operators created with Nios4

Management software created with Nios4
D-TEC management software is now available!
It is a program highly specialised in the management of technical interventions and the workload schedule for field operators.
Thanks to the iOS and Androidapps, the operator fills in the intervention report, including your customer’s signature and your geographical position, and sends all the data collected directly to the company to speed up the invoicing process.
Moreover, because of being developed using the Nios4 platform, D-TEC allows you to modify it and build it up in every aspect, even directly by the end customer.

Plan the interventions of your specialists!
With D-TEC it is easy planning the interventions required!