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No-Code to create Data management systems

   Why we have chosen No-Code for Data management systems? Nowadays we ear talking of No-Code platforms everywhere and in any field, but even more in the data management systems sector where they are essential for any company that in 2021 lives of automated processes independently from the sector in which it belongs. No-Code is ideal for companies of small dimensions with very limited budgets for technologic development and few informatic resources within the company. It was born the need for us of D-One to answer to the increasing market demands of by creating a data management platform without programming use, completely editable and customizable for final user and for SME. The No-Code development has immediately appeared like the only solution to give life to the development of data management systems usable to everyone, rightly Nios4.  What it means No-Code... At the grounds of No-Code there is the absence of programming languages in creation and use of a technological product