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Connecting to SQL Server

How to connect Nios4 to SQL database The Windows version of Nios4 usually uses Access databases because it allows you to perform simple installations without additional software. After all, Access is a database system created to manage a few data with reduced performance . In case you need to handle several records , especially on your local network, you can switch to SQL Server : the main Microsoft database system . In this article, you will learn how to do it. Nios4 always first creates the Access database to connect. This means that your SQL Server database will be connected after a standard installation . How to do it First, from the Database Manager press the Add button. Select the Advanced Connection item ( Connessione Avanzata , in the screenshot above), so you can define the database connection string. Remember that the database must already be present in SQL Server as an instance. It is fundamental that you have already created it because, during the first connect