News about the software version for Windows


Updates on the latest version of Nios4

The main change to the version is the creation of specific tools for the management, the downloading and the possible export of files and images.

The following features have been added in the Options menu, which is inside the Settings tab:

Download file in Sync

If you enable this function, the program will automatically download the file or the image from the server during the data synchronisation.

In the previous versions, the program downloaded only a preview of the images and the user had to run the downloading manually for each image.

Download all the files

This function forces the downloading of all the files and images from the server to the local database.

You need to pay attention only to the number of the managed files: basically, the Windows version uses access databases for the archiving. As these files have the limit of 3Gbyte, you should always save your files and images in a folder, not directly in the database.

If you have too many files, you should disable saving files in the database, in order to avoid the data loss.

Export all the files

This function (usable only by the database owner) allows you to extract all the files and images and save them inside a folder.

The program automatically creates subfolders, in order to split the files according to the table and the belonging record.


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