The milestone of Nios4


In March 2021 the version of Nios4 for Windows will be presented and  distributed. This version officially marks the end of the first development phase of the Nios4 project, a project born as an evolution of the previous version published in 2009. 
Finally we can say that the engine and the structure are complete, and now we can start pushing on all those features and commodities that will make the user experience more and more complete and satisfying. 
From this month, a series of weekly webinars will also begin, focusing on training courses on the use of the platform and Q&A sessions to collect ideas and interests directly from our users. 
Below is the list of extensions and changes created in this version, which will be gradually explained through dedicated posts and courses.


The news of


  • Possibility to create filtered sections by inserting an sql element. For example, view all customers of a certain province (province = 'MO').
  • Possibility on the map section to identify two numeric fields for retrieving the coordinates. In this way it is possible to fill in this value without having to use a gps type field.
  • For mobile display it is possible to associate a "status list" type field to display the colored bar on the cell (options that existed only for the agenda type sections)
  • The "button" widget has been created for the dashboard sections, which allows the creation of a real programmable push button panel. This allows especially on the mobile to create shortcuts to the most used functions.
  • New types of clients have been added (phone and tablet) in order to filter more the sections, according to the device used. We remind you that the current "mobile" type wins both on the phone and on the tablet. 
  • Created a new field type "button". This field allows you to associate actions to be performed directly on the data sheet. For example, it is possible to create combinations, expressions, launch a web link or directly a script, directly from the button.
  • The new "one eighth" length has been added for the fields, to allow you to further optimize the data sheet.
  • The creation tools (black buttons) have been added to the matching window for the "sub-table" fields, to allow the creation and direct modification of the fields directly from the window. 


  • The possibility of displaying an image retrieved from a selected field on the cells, of the mobile versions has been added.
  • Creation tools (black buttons) have been added to the calculation expressions, to allow the creation and direct modification of fields, directly from the window.
  • The new "roo" function for calculation expressions has been created. This allows the numbers used in the expression to be rounded to two decimal figures without actually changing the values. In this way it is possible to manage the differences given by rounding, given by excess or defect.


  • Added flag to enable / disable automatic synchronization on data saving.
  • Added the possibility on Android to create value partitions.
  • Creation of a system for retrieving the emails present in the data sheets to be able to select them when sending the print.
  • Created notification panel and reminder management on Ios.


  • Insert files, images and signature inside the data export packages.
  • Created the historical panel identical to the Windows version within the other systems
  • Created new welcome page for Windows, Web and Mac Os.


  • Enhanced visual table editor to directly create fields and connections directly on the diagram.
  • Created the possibility of implementing the system by creating .net components to insert sections, panels, reports and tools developed in or c #.



Several errors have also been corrected and, database access management has been optimized to speed up uploads and saves.

Updates are available on the download page or directly on the corresponding websites of the various programs.

Thanks for your attention and keep following us on all our main channels, not to miss the latest news on Nios4.





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