We are getting ready for WMF 2020

The Nios4 debut at the event dedicated to digital innovation

We are glad to take part in the WMF - Web Marketing Festival, which will take place from November 19 to November 21 at PalaCongressi in Rimini.

This is a great opportunity for D-One because we will have the chance to be part of the largest and most important Italian exhibition dedicated to digital innovation and web marketing.

On this occasion, we will officially present our platform: Nios4!

We are thrilled to finally debut our program, to which we have dedicated years of development, and make it try to the digital experts! We will show the potential of Nios4 and the brands and the technologies related to it (such as D-TEC and IoT solutions) to leading companies in the web industry, venture capitalists, enthusiasts and specialists in the field.

The new partners we will meet in this special event, including international ones, will strengthen the worldwide diffusion of our project «Made in Italy», which is widely appreciated in the app stores.

We are not just going to do this, though! During the three days of the festival, we will take advantage of every bit of time we have to train ourselves and update us on the latest trends and news in matters of digital and technological innovations. We never stop learning, because we are curious: we want to broaden our horizons and find out the new solutions that the tech sector offers.

So, the next month is going to be very challenging because we want to best prepare ourselves for the Nios4 debut.


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