Connect your Nios4 management system to Mailchimp: automate emails sending

Automate the sending of contacts between your management system and Mailchimp

We present you the component created by the Nios4 programming team to allow the company management system to dialogue with the program for sending newsletter in Mailchimp.
The program is called Integration with Mailchimp and as the name implies it is a program that is used to make your Nios4 Management System communicate with Mailchimp thanks to the automatisms that, initially set, allow the Integration with Mailchimp program to send email addresses and to classify them based on the tags we have chosen. The integration is available for all programs developed with the Nios4 data management platform: PocketSell, ReportOne, D-TEC, Wipee and all the available templates.

The benefits of importing contacts from Nios4 management systems to Mailchimp

  • Automate sending of email contacts divided by category
  • Avoid manual import of users between your management system and Mailchimp
  • Don't forget any contacts in the next newsletter

You need to import customer contacts from your Nios4 management software to the Mailchimp program, because you have to send newsletters to your customers on a regular basis.

Your company needs to send personalized emails to notify promotions, closures, communicate the news of the month or the new product catalogue to customers subscribed to the company newsletter, on a regular basis, which may vary over time and must be updated to stay in accordance with the options chosen by the customer.

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Automate this process with the Mailchimp Integration program, so that you will never forget any contacts by having the machines do repetitive actions that take time away from your core business. Make your Nios4 management systems communicate with Mailchimp in a simple way even if you are not a Programmer, to increase the efficiency and available resources of your business.

What is necessary to integrate Nios4 management systems with Mailchimp?

For the program to work you need to have a Nios4 platform management software and a Mailchimp account.

Contact us to request the component that can be integrated with your Nios4 program or with the template you are using, every component can be integrated with any program.


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