Sending emails through external assemblies

 New components to send emails with Nios4

Since version for Windows, a process of modifying the system has started to allow other programmers to interact with the software through external assemblies or OLE technology.

One of the first “links” is the ability to intercept the request to send emails, replacing it. Nios4 for Windows normally delegates the task of sending the actual electronic mailbox program installed on the computer but, for several reasons, this communication may not be possible.

To fix the problem, dll components have been created to insert inside the program folder to allow their loading, and that replaces the standard system. The system permits only one element, which must necessarily be called mailnios4.dll. In the Download section of the website, you can find the features for connecting specific inbox systems or the direct send from the program.

This component is not an actual messenger program because it only offers a form for entering the data for sending emails. Remember that you need your inbox access credentials to use this item since Nios4 will send the email through it, as I mentioned before.

Also in the Download section, you will find the VB.NET project to create your email feature.

As the last thing, it should be said that, until version, Nios4 will only use this component in case of error generated by the standard system. From version 1.0.14, the system will first use the email component, if there is any. In case of error, it will attempt sending with the messenger program installed on the computer.


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